CAPAZ | CAPAZ Newsletter Issue No. 3 – August 2018
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CAPAZ Newsletter Issue No. 3 – August 2018

CAPAZ Newsletter Issue No. 3 – August 2018

Dear readers:

We are pleased to present our third issue of the CAPAZ Institute Newsletter. Save the date! The CAPAZ events starting in September in our headquarters at the Claustro de San Agustín in Bogota will be followed by the CAPAZ’ first International Conference in Colombia. Peace and the presidential election in Colombia were central topics to our academic and institutional agenda in Germany and Colombia. In this issue, we share recent activities in the projects supported by CAPAZ and the meetings we held in the country’s different regions. We are also happy to present you the new CAPAZ Brochure and to tell you that the users of our information services have grown substantially along with the number of occasions on which CAPAZ is mentioned in the press. We hope you enjoy the reading!


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