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Call for admissions in 2019 for the Master Program at Willy Brandt School

The Master of Public Policy program (MPP) at the Willy Brandt School at Erfurt University in Germany offers students the flexibility to build their own curriculum around the core mandatory classes.

The Willy Brandt School trains young academics and professionals who strive to be the future leaders in the public service, including government agencies, international organizations, and the non-profit sector.

Study Public Policy in an international environment at Germany’s oldest Public Policy School! The MPP is a fully accredited, two-year interdisciplinary degree program taught in English. Specialize in:

  • Conflict Studies and Management
  • International Affairs
  • Public and Nonprofit Management
  • European Public Policy
  • International Political Economy


Application form at:


Deadlines: June 15, 2019 (Non-EU nationals) and September 1, 2019 (EU-nationals)


This call is not coordinated by the CAPAZ Institute. If you have any questions or want to apply, please contact to the Willy Brandt School directly.


Further information:

Tel: +49-361-7374646 / / Facebook: /  Twitter: #brandtschool


CAPAZ supports the mental-health project for the forcibly displaced population in Cesar

Training workshop in mental health- Credits: photographer: Ana Rosa Ropero

Within the framework of the “improving the mental health of the forcibly displaced in Colombia” project funded by the German Academic Exchange Service  (DAAD) and supported by Instituto CAPAZ, Freiburg University (Germany) and the public health Institute at Universidad Javeriana will teach two courses on the problem of depression in the forcibly displaced population in the Cesar department.

The first course will take place on the 29th of October in La Paz (Cesar) and will be aimed at demobilised FARC-EP members. The second will take place on the 31st of October in Valledupar for the Health sector personnel and employees of the Health department.

This course is a continuation of the consultancy work carried out by Freiburg University and the public health Institute at Universidad Javeriana in the Cesar department. In August 2016, professors Axel Kroeger and Sonia Díaz-Monsalve (Freiburg University) and Enrique Peñaloza and Andrés Cubillos (public health Institute at Universidad Javeriana), gave a training workshop aimed at the personnel working in the mental-health area of the Health Department. In June 2017, Professors Michael Wirsching and Anne-Maria Müller from Freiburg University took part in the training workshops dealing with the psychosocial aspects of health, derived from their participation in the “Global Mental Health” program.

The project “improving the mental health of the forcibly displaced to Colombia’s urban areas”, has a duration of four years and includes two components: the clinical mental health area and its management area.