CAPAZ invites all those interested to the Hofgeismar 2021 Latin American Congress about coronavirus in Latin America

CAPAZ invites all those interested to the Hofgeismar 2021 Latin American Congress about coronavirus in Latin America

The series of meetings organized to discuss issues related to Latin America will be held at the Hofgeismar Evangelical Academy from January 22 to 24, 2021 (in German): “Corona en América Latina – Analysen und Visionen für eine globale Transformation im Gespräch mit Kirchen, Wissenschaft, Politik und Zivilgesellschaft” (Coronavirus in Latin America – Analysis and perspectives for a transformation in the dialogue between the Church, science, politics and civil society).

The congress is coordinated by the University of Kassel, Justus Liebig University, Giessen (JLU), the Centre for Research with and on Latin America in Kassel – CELA (Zentrum für Forschung mit und zu Lateinamerika – CELA), CAPAZ.

The event will be led by CAPAZ Academic Director and lecturer in peace studies at JLU, Prof. Dr. Stefan Peters; Dr. Kristina Dietz, researcher at the University of Kassel; and Pastor Christina Schnepel, Director of Studies at the Hofgeismar Evangelical Academy. Prof. Peters will be one of the experts invited to open and close the sessions, and he will participate in the final discussion on the global challenge posed by the coronavirus crisis.

Presentation (free translation of the original text in German):

Latin America has been severely affected by the crisis unleashed by the coronavirus pandemic. Health systems are precarious and few people have social security. And, even before the pandemic, the Latin American region was in a deep economic, political and social crisis. Poverty, social inequalities, authoritarian policies, corruption, and violence, as well as social, political, and cultural discrimination in terms of rights have increased significantly in recent years, leading to social discontent and mass protests. Today, the tendency to deepen this crisis is foreseeable, and leading the region to face enormous challenges.

The congress makes an interim assessment of the effects of the pandemic in Latin America; presents social, political and religious approaches to the crisis and discusses joint action strategies from Latin American and European perspectives.

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Note: CAPAZ is not the organiser of this event, for more information, please contact the organisers directly.

(NW Text: Claudia Maya. English: Tiziana Laudato)