CAPAZ opens a new office at Universidad de Antioquia

Oficina CAPAZ en la UdeA MEdellín

CAPAZ opens a new office at Universidad de Antioquia

Oficina CAPAZ en la UdeA MEdellínFriday, June 3, saw the official inauguration of a CAPAZ office on the campus at Universidad de Antioquia, in Medellín. CAPAZ’ presence on the UdeA campus is a sign of the strengthened relations of cooperation, research, and institutional alliances on peacebuilding issues. This applies especially in the context of the delivery of the Truth Commission’s Final Report.

Universidad de Antioquia made a statement in this regard:

The Truth Commission is hopeful about the possible impacts that the report may have, they hope that it may change the way in which Colombians understand our history. The university has been a strategic ally, it plays a fundamental role in pedagogy, mobilization in the territories, and the production, dissemination, and understanding of reports. It will also become an ally for the period after the presentation of the report. Stefan Peters mentions that the most difficult part comes now, “How do we make these findings reach the entire society and perhaps other countries? So the role of the university is to a great extent to generate discussions. We are not always going to agree, but that is part of the process”.

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CAPAZ’ presence on the UdeA campus was announced at Universidad de Antioquia, during the following discussion session “Colombian universities and the legacy of the Truth Commission: a commitment to future scenarios”. The participants included Patricia Nieto from Universidad de Antioquia, Angelika Rettberg from Universidad de los Andes, Camilo Borrero from Universidad Nacional de Colombia, and Stefan Peters from CAPAZ and Justus-Liebig University, Giessen. Max Yuri Gil of the Truth Commission moderated the event.

Precisely in view of the challenges the country is facing, this was considered the ideal occasion to discuss the role of academia and universities in relation to the legacy of the Commission for the Clarification of the Truth, which will deliver its final report on June 28th.

Evento UdeA CAPAZ Comisión de la Verdad


We thank our colleagues at Universidad de Antioquia for their hospitality and attentive collaboration. We hope that we can continue to strengthen institutional relations and that the delivery of the final report of the CEV will serve as an opportunity to continue working together to build peace in the country.