Ex – Scholarship holder of the CAPAZ Institute won a grant for research

Ex – Scholarship holder of the CAPAZ Institute won a grant for research

Lucía Torres Alvarado, ex scholarship holder of the CAPAZ Institute for the Summer School 2017 won a grant at the program “Young Researchers” (“Jóvenes Investigadores” in Spanish) of the Universidad del Rosario.

With this grant Lucia Torres will be able to develop her research project on consultancy in topics of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and peacebuilding in Colombia.

Her participation as ex scholarship holder at the Summer School 2017 in Germany, supported by the CAPAZ Institute, facilitated her to get in contact with the Universidad del Rosario and applicate to the program, from which she now benefits.


Academic bridges through CAPAZ

Lucía Torres has recently finished her Master Degree on Interdisciplinary Development Studies at the Universidad de los Andes, with focus on Corporate Social Responsibility.

The young researcher got a scholarship of the CAPAZ Institute and the Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU) for the Summer School at the JLU last year. “I published a short review of my experiences in the school in Germany on the CAPAZ’ website”, tells Lucía.

Professor Laly Peralta of the Faculty of Law at the Universidad del Rosario and representative of this university in the CAPAZ Consortium, read the publication on the CAPAZ’ Website, got interested in Lucía’s research focus and proposed her to work together in a research project.

“We applied and sent our proposal for the program “Young Researchers” of the Universidad del Rosario. We have been noticed of the good news of the grant this year in February. We will have financial support for one year”, recalls Lucía.


The contribution to the program “Young Researchers”

The research project of Lucía Torres aims for develop a methodology to evaluate, give feedback and supervise the contributions and impacts of the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility strategies in the process of peacebuilding in Colombia.

“Basically, we would like to generate impact, not only related to the transformation of social and economic conditions in regions that have been historically affected by the armed conflict, but also to the consolidation and contribution of corporate strategies on peacebuilding beyond the productive activities; it should be also an opportunity to build joint actions with other enterprises”, explains the young researcher.

The program “Young researchers” gives young researchers the opportunity to develop research projects and collaborate with professors at the Universidad del Rosario.


Read more about Lucía Torres’ experiences at the Summer School 2017 in Giessen, Germany in her report.