Federico Rios y Luisa González talk about “Snapshots of peace” with El Espectador

Articulo Colombia 2020 El Espectador con Federico Rios y Luisa González sobre Instantáneas de paz

Federico Rios y Luisa González talk about “Snapshots of peace” with El Espectador

Colombia2020 de El Espectador

A few days before the online awards ceremony and the discussion for the CAPAZ-organised photography competition, “Snapshots of Peace”, the newspaper El Espectador Colombia2020 spoke with the jurors of the competition, Luisa González and Federico Rios, as well as Bryan Ocoro, one of the competition winners. 

“In recent years, Colombia has been faced with attacks and assassinations of social leaders, peasant and indigenous communities and former FARC guerrillas who signed the Peace Accord. According to Indepaz, 971 leaders have been assassinated since 2016 along with 238 former guerrillas. In the midst of this context, how can we articulate our desire for peace, how can we Colombians imagine a country without war, and how can we portray these answers in a single image? These were some of the questions that Instituto Colombo-Alemán para la Paz (CAPAZ) asked people to answer through the first “Snapshots of Peace” photo contest. The competition was open to the public and encouraged people to reflect on the possibilities of photographing the country’s longing for peace. More than 200 photos were received from different parts of the country between September and October this year.”

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Ever Mercado. Instantáneas de paz: a photo contest to capture Colombians’ longing for a better country. In El Espectador, November, 15, 2020. Retrieved 5 February 2021 from: [https://www.elespectador.com/colombia2020/pais/instantaneas-de-paz-un-concurso-de-fotografia-para-retratar-los-anhelos-de-un-mejor-pais/]

(NWText: Claudia Maya. English: Tiziana Laudato)