Libro desplazamiento for

CAPAZ Academic Director, Dr. Carlos Nupia, wrote the foreword to the book Forced Displacement in Conflict Scenarios: Ethics and Human Rights Perspectives recently published by Universidad Javeriana. The book was edited by Andrea Hellmeyer and Eduardo Díaz-Amado, who compiled a series of analyses by various…


Capítulo de La Lupa sobre elecciones y paz en Colombia Instituto CAPAZ Diplomacia Cientifica

This is the sixth chapter of La Lupa, one of the web series of CAPAZ’ Education and Science Diplomacy project. Lorena Vega (assistant professor at the Department of Procedural Law at the School of Legal Sciences at Universidad Javeriana) has dedicated her career to researching…


Convocatoria laboral para el puesto de colaborador cientifico en el area de comisiones de la verdad

CAPAZ is opening a call for applications for research projects on peacebuilding issues in Colombia. The Institute will fund a maximum of five (5) research projects with a grant of up to 5,000 € (five thousand euros) each. The project must be executed between July…