Research Policy Paper by Diana Gómez of the Truth Commission

Research Policy Paper by Diana Gómez of the Truth Commission

The Policy Paper shared here is a product of the first year of research by Professor Diana Gómez (Universidad de los Andes), who went on to work on the 2019 CAPAZ-funded project, Follow-up and feedback on gender mainstreaming in the Truth Commission in the Caribbean macro-region.

Summary (extract):

This public policy document highlights the important task that the Commission has developed in the Caribbean region with the implementation of the entire institutional infrastructure that shapes the macro-region, the efforts for the implementation of the gender perspective and the inclusion of women’s experiences in the CEV mandate, while assessing the achievements and challenges that exist in terms of gender mainstreaming.


Diana Gómez Correal, Angélica Arias Preciado, Mónica Durán Scott, Auris Murillo Jiménez, Angélica Bernal Olarte, Diana Montealegre Mongrovejo, Marina López Sepúlveda, Yusmidia Solano Suárez.

Access the publication (in Spanish)

Diana Gómez Correal (et al.). Women and peacebuilding: recommendations for the Truth Commission in the process of including the gender perspective in the Colombian Caribbean. Policy Papers No. 13, electronic edition: March 2020 © Universidad de los Andes 2020.

(NW Text: Claudia Maya, based on information from Cider. English version: Tiziana Laudato)