PRIF SPOTLIGHT on the killing of activists in Colombia

PRIF SPOTLIGHT on the killing of activists in Colombia

The recent edition of PRIF Spotlight analyses the violent deaths of leaders and activists in Colombia. It presents the need to review this issue from the perspective of the political context in which these killings take place. Entitled: “Die politische Logik der Gewalt” (The political logic of violence), it develops the role of local authoritarian orders in Colombia, whose logic is important to recognize as part of the problem that generally involves illegal, non-state armed actors and their interests in controlling illicit economies in the regions.


The PRIF Spotlight was published in German and presents key results of the project implemented by CAPAZ and the FESCOL Foundation, coordinated by Juan Albarracín. The document is based on a policy brief written in Spanish for FESCOL. The PRIF Spotlight is published by the PRIF/HSFK, one of the founding members of the CAPAZ Institute.


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Albarracín, Juan/Milanese, Juan Pablo/Valencia, Inge Helena/Wolff, Jonas (2020): Die politische Logik der Gewalt. Zur Ermordung sozialer Aktivist*innen im Kontext autoritärer lokaler Ordnungen in Kolumbien, PRIF Spotlight 14/2020

 (NW Text: Claudia Maya. English: Tiziana Laudato)