Universities of Erfurt and Hamburg visited CAPAZ

Universities of Erfurt and Hamburg visited CAPAZ

Members of the University of Hamburg and the Willy Brandt School for Public Policy, itself part of the University Erfurt, visited the office of the CAPAZ Institute in February and March 2018. The meetings between the German professors and the CAPAZ Administrative Director, Dr. Carlos Nupia, facilitated the exchange of information about the CAPAZ Institute and German Universities. These exchanges also gave space to establish interinstitutional contacts.

Willy Brandt School for Public Policy – University of Erfurt

Dra. Solveig Richter, professor for international conflict management at the Willy Brandt School for Public Policy (University of Erfurt), used her trip to Colombia to get to know the state of activities and projects supported by the CAPAZ Institute.

Photo: Claudia Maya

Professor Richter works at the Willy Brandt School since 2013. Her research topics include the promotion of democracy in post-conflict stages and societies in transition. She also researches on the role of international organizations, and the efficiency of tools for the administration of conflict and crisis situations.

The Willy Brandt School for Public Policy belongs to the Faculty of Law, Social and Economic Sciences of the University of Erfurt. Named in honor of the fourth German Chancellor, Willy Brandt, the school aims to educate future decision-makers from a transdisciplinary, global, theoretical-practical perspective within geopolitical discourses which includes societies from North and South. Some of the institutions associated to the Willy Brandt School are, among others, the Haniel Foundation, the German Academic Exchange Service – DAAD, the Federal Ministry for Education and Research, as well as the Transatlantic Policy Consortium.

Institute for Peace Church Theology – University of Hamburg

Led by professor Prof. Dr. Fernando Enns, a delegation from the University of Hamburg, the Free University of Amsterdam and the World Council of Churches visited the CAPAZ Institute. The delegation participated in Colombia in the meeting of the World Council of Churches, with main offices in Geneva, Switzerland.

Dr. Enns is professor at the Institute of Peace Church Theology of the Faculty of Theology of the University of

Photo: Claudia Maya

Hamburg. It was founded in 2006 and focuses its work on research, development and promotion of theology and ethics for peace, based on an ecumenical dialogue between religions.

The Institute for Peace Church Theology offers summer schools on peacebuilding, reconciliation and the overcoming of trauma; postgraduate programs on peacebuilding of the University of Hamburg, and master’s degree in peace, trauma and religion, in cooperation with the Free University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.