The German-Colombian Peace Institute, CAPAZ is interested in promoting an exchange of knowledge between Colombian and German researchers on peace related topics.  To do so, it has created the NET-CAPAZ platform, as a virtual and collaborative space, which enables the generation of research projects on peacebuilding in Colombia.


NET-CAPAZ will give researchers the opportunity to:


  1. Identify colleagues in Germany and Colombia that are working on peace related topics in Colombia, where they are, and what are their areas of research.


  1. Find out about the researchers that are part of the CAPAZ network and the potential of their contribution to sustainable peacebuilding in Colombia.


  1. Disseminate information related to their research and academic events organised by their institutions.


  1. Build networks of academic and scientific cooperation within a vibrant German and Colombian research community working on peacebuilding.



We invite you to discover this new cooperation platform in the following link: