An executive summary of the Truth Commission’s Final Report

An executive summary of the Truth Commission’s Final Report

The Truth Commission, officially known as the Commission for Truth, Coexistence, and Non-Repetition, undertook an unprecedented task in Colombia by reconstructing the collective memory of the armed conflict. Over the course of nearly five years, the Commission dedicated itself to listening, seeking to understand and explain the facts and motivations behind the war. The Final Report, consisting of ten volumes titled ‘There is a Future if There is Truth,’ contains the voices of over thirty thousand individuals who have endured immense pain yet demonstrated tremendous courage.

Those who have directly confronted the war, particularly in rural areas, are now recounting the story of the conflict that has unfolded across the country for over six decades. This courageous endeavour holds immense value, but it alone does not guarantee social change. The responsibility for bringing about meaningful transformation rests with Colombian society as a whole. The Alfredo Molano Bravo Chair is committed to ensuring that the Report traverses Colombia, becoming known, discussed, and critically engaged by society. Moreover, it seeks to catalyse processes of collective memory and facilitate the implementation of proposed changes that can transcend the cycle of war and pave the way towards a sustainable peace.

This Chair, established through collaboration between the Commission, the Alfredo Molano Foundation, and both public and private universities, alongside popular, peasant, indigenous, and Afro-Colombian organisations, has been specifically designed to serve as a tool for preserving and revitalising the legacy of the Commission and Alfredo Molano. Therefore, with the support of the CAPAZ, we proudly present this text as a pedagogical contribution, aiming to promote a deeper understanding of the Commission’s work.

This Executive Summary of the Final Report has been crafted by former Commissioner Saúl Franco and reviewed by Francisco de Roux, the former President of the Truth Commission. Our intention is for it to serve as an invitation for you to engage with the Report, to read and discuss its contents. Most importantly, we hope that it inspires you to take action, wherever you may be, in pursuit of making peace a shared national purpose”.

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