CAPAZ and Universidad Nacional de Colombia call for preliminary proposals for a collective book

CAPAZ and Universidad Nacional de Colombia call for preliminary proposals for a collective book


CAPAZ and Universidad Nacional de Colombia open the present call for papers to invite professors, researchers, academics from different academies and institutions (the editors will promote a multiparty participation in each chapter). The purpose of this is to reflect on original contributions to conflict and peacebuilding studies from different approaches and perspectives that, based on social and academic research on the Colombian case, can be put forward for international debate.

The call therefore extends to proposals for chapters that include the participation of researchers and the most representative actors in the field, so as to condense Colombia’s fundamental contribution in this respect.

The authors can be part of Universidad Nacional or of national or international academic institutions, NGOs, State entities, international entities, etc., that focus their work on peacebuilding in Colombia. Accordingly, the chapters should be designed as contributions that encompass a variety of the most important lessons learned and contributions made by Colombian research on the subject of conflict and peacebuilding, to be presented to the international community.

Possible topics include:

● Memory and truth
● Comprehensive System of Truth, Justice, Reparation, and Non-Repetition
● Art for peace/Culture of peace/Peace education
● Do not harm/psychosocial approach
● Reintegration, reincorporation, demobilisation, disarmament
● Peace process/post-agreement/post-conflict
● Reconciliation, coexistence, dialogue
● Gender focus/differential approaches (including intersectional approaches)
● Territorial approach, rurality, environment and peace
● Monitoring and verification of the agreement

Participation procedure

Interested parties should send a chapter proposal including the following:

● Title and summary (400 words maximum)
● Authors and institutions that will contribute to the chapter
● Theme and approach to the themes

Download the terms and references (.pdf, in Spanish)

Closing date

Applications may be submitted to the following e-mail addresses until 12 September 2020: / / with the subject: [Book Peace Studies] + title

Publishing sponsors

Ignacio Mantilla Prada. Universidad Nacional de Colombia:
Stefan Peters. German-Colombian Peace Institute – CAPAZ:
Mario Fernando Guerrero. Escuela Permanente de Pensamiento Universitario, Universidad Nacional de Colombia:


(NW Text: Claudia Maya based on the call notice text. English version: Tiziana Laudato)