Forensic Tech Colombia 2021 International Seminar

Forensic Tech Colombia 2021 International Seminar

The Forensic Tech Colombia 2021 International Seminar is a three-day event featuring conferences and top-level panels on topics that are key for forensic science research. The event will be held online from November 23 to 25 at different times from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. It will be broadcast through the event’s web page:

The event is organised by CAPAZ, EQUITAS, and Universidad Externado, and will focus on the following issues: Statistical analysis applied to the investigation of human rights violations, innovative techniques in human identification (search for missing persons), and human rights violations that occurred within the framework of the National Strike of 2021.

The event assumes particular significance in this post-agreement period, as the identification of individuals is a fundamental step in terms of investigating human rights violations, whether in the context of the Colombian armed conflict or of the recent protests. Hence, the need to develop different technological tools to simplify the identification of victims as much as possible. Thus, Forensic Tech is committed to the development of technologies that can help state institutions and victims’ groups struggling to find their loved ones. Also, the discussions that will be held at the Seminar will be key to evaluating the progress made, as well as discussing the challenges that still exist around this difficult but important topic.

Among the speakers, we have people such as Lina María Ramos of the Unit for the Search of Disappeared Persons (UBPD), Patrick Ball of the Human Rights Data Analysis Group, Manuel Paredes of the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, among several leading experts in the study of forensic sciences.

We hope you can join us for these three days in which the dissemination of scientific research advances, debates from statistics applied to the monitoring of the human rights situation and innovative techniques in human identification will be at the heart of the debate.

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