“Inequality kills”: An Article by Stefan Peters for IPS

“Inequality kills”: An Article by Stefan Peters for IPS

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Corona will hit the Global South much harder than the North. The risk of massive political unrest and instability is looming

By Stefan Peters | 02.04.

In large parts of the world, public life come to a halt and curfews are determining everyday life. Further recommendations to curb the corona pandemic include compliance with strict hygiene regulations, avoiding public transport, working at home and refraining from maintaining social contacts. All of these measures are appropriate and justified. However, there’s one problem: they do not take into account the living conditions of the majority of the world’s population. In the Global South, the majority of fatalities will not be caused by the coronavirus directly, but indirectly, by the associated economic and social consequences. To prevent this, courageous decisions need to be taken to cushion and overcome the economic and social aspects of the crisis

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Peters, Stefan. Ungleichheit tötet. Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft. 26.03.2020. Recovered 27.3.2020 and 02.04.2020 from [https://www.ipg-journal.de/regionen/global/artikel/detail/ungleichheit-toetet-4191/]


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