CAPAZ at national event on monitoring projects on peace related topics

CAPAZ at national event on monitoring projects on peace related topics

Dr. Carlos Nupia during the presentation of the CAPAZ’s Institute. Photo: Natalia Velásquez

The administrative director of the German-Colombian Peace Institute – CAPAZ, Dr. Carlos Nupia, presented CAPAZ at the event “Línea de Base y Sistema de Seguimiento y Monitoreo: El caso de los indicadores de Paz” (Baseline and System for Follow-up and Monitoring: The Case of Peace Indicators).

The event took place on October 1 and 2, 2018 in Bogota, Colombia. It was organized by the Instancia de Facilitación Asesoría y Apoyo de la organización Pan Para el Mundo (Bread for the World), Corporación PODION- IFAA Colombia.

At the second day, Dr. Nupia presented CAPAZ as an academic cooperation initiative between Germany and Colombia. Dr. Nupia explained how CAPAZ aims to facilitate networking between universities, institutions, and researchers from both countries whose research focuses on different and complex issues in the fields of peace and post-conflict studies.

Representatives of the civil society organizations working with Corporación Podion. Photo: Natalia Velásquez

The participants had the chance to know more about strategies, methodologies and tools for monitoring, evaluating and measuring the impacts of peace related projects.

CAPAZ gave its work more echo and visibility by participating in this event. It was also an opportunity to dialogue with institutions working on similar topics to those of CAPAZ. The event facilitated the exchange of experiences resulting from the implementation of the developed projects.

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