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CAPAZ in Revista Hispanorama

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“Colombia: El reto de esclarecer la verdad sobre el pasado violento y el papel de la diáspora” (Colombia: The challenge of uncovering the truth about its violent past and the role of the diaspora) is the title of the article written by Juliana González Villamizar, Stefan Peters, María Paula Prada Ramírez and Daniela Montagut, and published in the last issue of Hispanorama, the magazine produced by DSV, the German Association of Spanish Teachers.

The introduction of the text reads,

“How can nations immersed in armed conflict for decades deal with their pasts? What challenges lie ahead for the struggle to address the violence that has taken place and to establish the conditions for non-repetition? These are some of the key questions currently being discussed in Colombia. The Truth Commission is a key actor in this process, and it also works with Colombians in a number of countries around the world, including Germany”.

Access the publication here (in Spanish)

Juliana González Villamizar is the CAPAZ Scientific Collaborator and a doctoral candidate at Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU). Stefan Peters is the CAPAZ Academic Director and Professor of Peace Studies at JLU Giessen. María Paula Prada Ramírez is advisor to the Presidency of the Colombian Truth Commission and coordinator in the Cooperation and Alliances Office; Daniela Montagut is advisor to the Colombian Truth Commission’s Cooperation and Alliances Office.

Juliana González Villamizar, Stefan Peters, Daniela Montagut & María Paula Prada Ramírez: “Colombia: El reto de esclarecer la verdad sobre el pasado violento y el papel de la diáspora”, in: Hispanorama 168 (May 2020), p. 48.


(NW Text: Claudia Maya taken from Hispanorama. English version: Tiziana Laudato)