CAPAZ joins a Capstone programme at the University of Erfurt

CAPAZ joins a Capstone programme at the University of Erfurt


CAPAZ and one of its partner universities, the University of Erfurt in Germany, have joined forces to implement a Capstone project, to deepen one of the recommendations of the Final Report of the Truth Commission: the reform of the security sector. This alliance is made possible by the participation of the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy belonging to the aforementioned university.

What is a Capstone project?

It is a public affairs consultancy training initiative, usually carried out in schools of public policy, finance, or management. In this case, the project consists of forming teams of students who, supervised by an expert in a particular subject -Prof. Peters- seek solutions to meet the needs of a partner organisation that has a specific problem at state, private or civil society level, among others.

Thus, as a consultancy, the students have a positive impact on a real situation in which they are committed to participate. In the case of the Erfurt- CAPAZ relationship, it is about the reform of the security sector.

What role does CAPAZ play?

Beyond linking the University of Erfurt with problems related to the Colombian armed conflict and peacebuilding in Colombia, the purpose of the exercise is for students to test the knowledge they have acquired in the formulation of public policy projects. The CAPAZ Institute will provide assistance, mentoring, and information, while the student teams will undertake to structure and write a policy brief and conduct a literature review on the topic of security sector reform and transitional justice.


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