Peace, Coexistence and Citizenship course at UIS

Peace, Coexistence and Citizenship course at UIS


The Peace, Coexistence and Citizenship course at Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) will begin on Friday, September 27, 2019 with the inaugural session, with Saúl Franco, Commissioner of the Truth Clarification Commission (CEV) and Juan Manuel Sánchez Osorio, Officer at the Information Analyse Group (GRAI) at the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) as guests.

For this year, the main goal for the course is to highlight the role of historical memory in peacebuilding.

The course is an initiative implemented by CAPAZ and UIS, specifically the Academic Vice-Chancellor’s Office, the School of Economics and Administration and the Oral Archive of Memory of Victims (AMOVI). UIS is one of the associate members of the CAPAZ Institute.


From September to December 2019, the course will offer twelve sessions during which at least two guest experts -either internal or external members of the UIS- will participate. Each session will be disseminated through the university’s institutional media.

To join the course, students will be enrolled by the UIS School of Economics and Administration. They will be able to access the audio-visual material and the texts of each session on the Moodle platform, which will also be used to develop and evaluate the activities.

Memory: the road to peacebuilding

The Peace course follows the institutional guidelines of the UIS. It is conceived as an academic space for the recognition and construction of the historical memory of the conflict, taking into account the perspective of the victims as a central axis.

Institutions, academia, NGOs and civil society have worked on building historical memory from the voices of the victims. But, the work has been mainly led by the victims themselves, with a view to seeking participatory paths towards truth, justice, and reparation.

The course is open to the university community with a view to allowing it to approach the realities of victims of the conflict and peacebuilders.

Sessions (Thematic agenda subject to change):

September 2019:

27.09.             Institutional Framework for Peace (Inaugural Session)

October 2019:

04.10.            Memory, silence and oblivion

11.10.             Monuments as representation

18.10.             Culture and media of memory

25.10.             Youth, memory and conflict

November 2019:

01.11.             Memory of the Spanish Civil War

08.11.            Women’s participation and gender approach

15.11.             Amnesty Law

22.11.             The participation of victims

29.11.             Special Jurisdiction for Peace

December 2019:

06.12.             Peacebuilding by minorities

13.12.             Memory, photography and reconciliation


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(Text: Claudia Maya. Englisch version: Tiziano Laudato)