David Díaz Arias on 20 years of memory and war in Central America

David Díaz Arias on 20 years of memory and war in Central America

Professor and researcher David Díaz Arias from Costa Rica will present his online lecture entitled: “Memory and war in Central America: 1976-1996“, as part of the agenda of the international seminar on the history and memory of violence and conflicts in Latin America.

Professor Días Arias’ conference will be held on Tuesday, September 22, 2020, at 11:00 a.m. (Colombia time), on the usual day and time of the seminar lectures. Those interested can follow the talk and join in through the Uninorte Académico Youtube channel.

Watch the live streaming online (in Spanish)

David Díaz Arias has a Ph.D. in History (Indiana University), is a professor and director of the Central America History Research Centre at Universidad de Costa Rica, and is linked to CALAS, which he once directed in San José.

Running from August to November 2020, the international seminar will bring together experts and interested audiences to review the history and memory of various complex and particular dynamics of violence and conflict in different Latin American countries. The online events are open to the public and Organised by CAPAZ, the Institute for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Universidad del Norte (Colombia), Justus Liebig University Giessen (Germany), and CALAS.

Download the full itinerary for the series (.pdf, in Spanish) / Download the factsheet for the next session (.pdf, in Spanish)


(NW Text: Claudia Maya. English version: Tiziana Laudato)