CAPAZ Academic Director participates in an international virtual dialogue on peace education

CAPAZ Academic Director participates in an international virtual dialogue on peace education

Education for Global Peace (EGP) has invited CAPAZ Academic Director, Prof. Dr. Stefan Peters, as a panellist at the virtual meeting entitled: “Education for Global Peace. From structural violence to positive peace in times of Covid-19″.

This virtual meeting on peace education has been organised by the EGP with an international panel made up of professionals and researchers from different academic and social backgrounds.

The virtual discussion will take place on Friday, August 14, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. (CEST). The session will be recorded and later posted on different social networks.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Peters will share the panel with:

  • Mark N. Lance (Co-Director, Justice and Peace – Georgetown University – bio);
  • Marion Keim (Chairperson – Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace – bio), y
  • Anver Desai (Education, Policy, Curriculum Design – Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace – bio).


Dr. Michael Minch will moderate the meeting together with Dr. Cris Toffolo or María Paula Unigarro Alba (Education for Global Peace – bios).

The focus of the debate is to analyse forms of structural violence that are now evident in different contexts, based on the COVID-19 pandemic. These forms of violence are now evident, for example, in the impossibility of social sectors to satisfy basic needs in terms of medical care, access to and assurance of employment, use of public transportation, access to technology and to educational and training opportunities, and even the ability to overcome poverty. The discussion will also review the role of peacemakers and peace educators in this context. EGP is in fast becoming a global network and movement seeking to contribute to the world from cultures of peace and all levels of education for peace.

Further information at the EGP Website (English)

Note: This event is not organised by CAPAZ. For more information, please contact EGP via the information on its website.

(NW Text: Claudia Maya. English version: Tiziana Laudato)