Episode 8: making and investigating memory in times of COVID-19

Episode 8: making and investigating memory in times of COVID-19


Memory is made by individuals and communities. Academic work follows its steps: it reviews it, analyses it, disseminates it, makes it visible. What happens when memory in the context of an armed conflict like Colombia’s, the memory that rests on its witnesses, is affected by a pandemic, and even by the conflict itself that persists?

In the latest episode of the series on peace in times of COVID-19, entitled: “Hacer e investigar la memoria en tiempos de COVID-19” (Making and investigating memory in times of COVID-19), CAPAZ invited Gabriel Ruiz Romero, who dedicates his teaching and research activity to the subject of memory. Professor Ruiz talks to us about the importance of the “subjects of memory” to continue in it, to preserve the memory, without putting their lives and their environment at risk.

Episode 8 – La paz, ahora más que nunca (in Spanish)

Professor Ruiz has taken part in activities organised by CAPAZ on this subject and its connection with peacebuilding. He is also linked to Universidad de Medellín, an associate member of CAPAZ.

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(NW Text: Claudia Maya. English version: Tiziana Laudato)