School of Online Courses – ECV, a new CAPAZ commitment to teaching about sustainable peace in Colombia

School of Online Courses – ECV, a new CAPAZ commitment to teaching about sustainable peace in Colombia

¡Le invitamos a participar en la nueva experiencia académica ofrecida por el Instituto CAPAZ!



Following extensive work on content design and academic coordination with lecturers from our partner universities, CAPAZ is finally launching the School of Online Courses (Escuela de Cursos Virtuales – ECV), an academic offer of ten free online courses open to different audiences.

Depending on the goals of each course, their general purpose is to identify and understand different aspects of sustainable peacebuilding in Colombia. This is an important milestone in the consolidation of the CAPAZ teaching area, one of the main objectives of the second phase of the institute, which will run from 2020 to 2023.

The courses have a set number of students and some are already open for registration. The first version of the ECV (2020-2021) will offer the following courses, starting in February 2021:

  • The governance of knowledge for peace.
  • Former combatants and transitional justice: exploring the comprehensiveness of the system.
  • Sub-national perspectives on the armed conflict in Colombia: changes in the dynamics of armed violence in the post-FARC-EP context.
  • Territorial challenges for peacebuilding in Colombia – National and international perspectives.
  • Human rights and peacebuilding under a human security approach in the framework of COVID-19.
  • Territorial dynamics and conflicts.
  • Geographical analysis of territorial conflicts and peace building: contributions from Colombia to peace studies.
  • Pedagogies and policies of reconciliation: limitations and possibilities of a concept under discussion.
  • Musical practices, violence and peacebuilding in Colombia and Latin America.
  • Clues to understanding the armed conflict in Colombia.

Each course is coordinated by lecturers from CAPAZ partner universities and several have scheduled synchronous and asynchronous activities that will be open to the general public. Those who successfully participate in the courses will receive the respective certification according to the offer at each university.

Click below for detailed information on the courses run at the CAPAZ ECV, start and end dates, admission and certification process, lecturers and contact details for the coordinators of each course: Teaching – Online courses


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