Launching La mochila de Molano and the demilitarisation of life seminar: CAPAZ activities at Uniamazonia

Launching La mochila de Molano and the demilitarisation of life seminar: CAPAZ activities at Uniamazonia

In the framework of the 2023 agenda for the socialisation of the legacy of the Truth Commission, CAPAZ together with the Peace and Human Rights Observatory at Universidad del Tolima, and the Peace Office at Universidad de la Amazonía, PROPAZ GIZ, and the Technical Working Group of SIPAZ entities (JEP, CEV, UBDP, SNARIV) and SNARIV entities (URT, ART, UARIV), held an on-sire event that took place from March 1 to 3, 2023, to continue to promote academic processes around the demilitarisation of life. The event was also supported by GAMIP, IDEASUR, and Gernika Gogoratuz.

The event began at the Centro campus of UniAmazonía from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m., with the launching of Mochila de Molano. A dialogue was held between academics and representatives of the collaborating institutions, former Commissioner Saúl Franco, Alejandra Salazar Molano, director of the Alfredo Molano Bravo Foundation -CAMB- and CAPAZ Science Collaborator Andrea Neira, all members of the coordinating team of the AMB Chair. GIZ presented the Repository on the Findings and Recommendations of the CEV for Caquetá.

The Demilitarisation of Life Seminar was held in the morning session on the following day. The main topics of the seminar were: the recommendations of the CEV, presented by the former Commissioner of the CEV, Saúl Franco; the Reform of the National Police with the transformations to the security model; and a CAPAZ Institute presentation entitled: A Feminist Perspective on Security. Contributions for the demilitarisation of life. Signatories of the Peace Agreement, members of the Coreguaje/Korebaju people, and academics representing the collaborating universities and institutes also spoke. Two workshops were held in the afternoon, addressing the Pedagogical Legacy of the CEV; Circular Landscapes of Memory, Truth and Hope. They were led by Alicia Cabezudo and Professor Dennis Durán, Director of the Peace Office at UniAmazonía. The reflective and evaluative wrap-up included a symbolic act of handing over the legacy with new actors.

The work concluded with an important visit to the Héctor Ramírez Village Center – aETCR Aguabonita-, which lasted from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The attendees of the various organisations together with the Signatories of the Peace Agreement made a planned tour where they talked about productive projects, community organisation, reincorporation processes, and of course about the legacy of the Truth Commission with the presentation of the CAMB and the Mochila de Molano in Caquetá.

The importance of this space made it possible to evaluate the trajectory of the CEV Legacy, the significant advances and future challenges to continue strengthening joint activities, and to provide continuity to the Alfredo Molano Bravo Chair.