New chapter of La Lupa! – Reconciliation and Violence

Capítulo de La Lupa sobre reconciliación Instituto CAPAZ

New chapter of La Lupa! – Reconciliation and Violence

This is the fourth chapter of our web series La Lupa! which is part of our Education and Science Diplomacy project.

Angelika Rettberg is Professor of Political Science at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá. Her research interests include peacebuilding, political economy in armed conflicts and reconciliation. Anika Oettler is Professor of Sociology at Philipps-Universität Marburg in Germany. Her main areas of research are collective memory, transitional justice, gender studies, and reconciliation.

The researchers have collected data from more than 50,000 people in PDET municipalities where citizens have described what they understand by reconciliation. They have also made use of quantitative methodologies such as the “Q” methodology. That is, using 30 images related to aspects of reconciliation, the participants modeled their point of view, ordering the images on a numerical scale. Following this, the researchers, using formulas and mathematical analysis, were able to identify common perceptions among the participants, as well as inconsistencies and opposing views.

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