New chapter of Vox Populi: Structural racism in Colombia

Capítulo Vox Populi Racismo estructural Instituto CAPAZ Comisión de la Verdad CArtagena

New chapter of Vox Populi: Structural racism in Colombia

Introducing the fourth chapter of Vox Populi!

As you know, as part of the Education and Science Diplomacy project, we are creating content designed to bring academic knowledge to a more public sphere. One of these contents is the web series Vox populi, which has a particular format: in each chapter, two experts sit down to answer the questions we previously asked passers-by.

In the last chapter, Leyner Palacios (truth commissioner and social leader) and Estela Simancas (professor at Universidad de Cartagena and activist) talked about issues that have been systematically ignored in Colombian history: structural racism, the place of Afro women in the armed conflict, the resistance processes in the country’s Caribbean and Atlantic coast territories, among others.

Watch the full video here:

Leyner and Estela answered questions such as: what has the Truth Commission discovered about structural racism? What is the ethnic and gender approach? How does the Truth Commission guarantee spaces for the participation of Afro women in its research on the truth about the conflict?