Boletín/Newsletter CAPAZ No. 6 – Febrero/February 2020

Dear readers:

2020 brings the best news for CAPAZ! The second phase of the institute will be developed from now until 2023. The project coordinated with CEDPAL and financed by the German Federal Foreign Office is underway and will involve joint activities in Germany and Colombia. CAPAZ has also received additional funds to support the work of the Colombian Commission for the Clarification of Truth in Germany. NETCAPAZ, the network of peace researchers promoted by our Institute will be more dynamic in Germany in 2020, and CAPAZ will launch its presence in social networks with new videos and hold two key events in the Eje Cafetero: the international congress and the board meeting. Read about all the events that took place at the end of 2019 and in 2020 so far, in Issue No. 6 of the institutional newsletter.


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