CAPAZ 2019 Young Researchers Congress Programme

CAPAZ 2019 Young Researchers Congress Programme



Together with Universidad de Antioquia, and in partnership with the University of Groningen, CAPAZ is pleased to share the programme for the International Congress of Young Researchers, which will take place at the Ciudad Universitaria in Medellín on November 6-7, 2019. 

This year’s version of the congress is entitled “Peace and Post-Conflict Narratives in University Research”, and will be held during the week of cooperation and joint work between professors and researchers at Universidad de Antioquia, the University of Groningen (Netherlands) and the CAPAZ Institute.

The purpose of the congress is one the one hand to present the experiences, projects and research studies of young master’s and doctoral students in Colombia, whose work addresses some of the phenomena of peacebuilding and transition processes in Colombia.

On the other hand, the academic event also encourages the strengthening of joint initiatives between the above-mentioned universities and the CAPAZ Institute, with emphasis on cooperation and the development of peacebuilding projects in the department of Antioquia.


The academic programme for the CAPAZ 2019 Congress of Young Researchers includes several panels including a panel of researchers from the University of Groningen; three panels of young researchers on a) peace, conflicts and territorial reconfigurations, b) transitional justice and human rights, and c) memory and education.

Researchers Axel Rojas (Universidad del Cauca), Gabriel Alberto Ruíz (Universidad de Medellín), and Yesid Reyes (Universidad Externado de Colombia) will give keynote lectures during the Congress.

We would also like to highlight the presentation of a mapping of the Universities’ peacebuilding research projects: articulation and coordination for peacebuilding.


Take a look at the programme for the 2019 CAPAZ Congress of Young Researchers (in Spanish).


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(Text: Claudia Maya, English version: Tiziana Laudato).