Reflections on the truth from Colombia’s Pacifico Sur – an event held at UNAL’s Tumaco campus

Reflections on the truth from Colombia’s Pacifico Sur – an event held at UNAL’s Tumaco campus

“Places of memory – reflections on the truth from Colombia’s Pacifico Sur” was held on Thursday, December 1st at the Tumaco campus of Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL). This was organised jointly by the Centre for Strategic Thinking on Pacific Affairs, UNAL’s Tumaco campus, and CAPAZ.

The following participants attended the talk:

– Lucía González – Former commissioner, commission for the clarification of the truth

– Fabián Adolfo Beethoven – Professor, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

– Andrea Neira – Science Collaborator, CAPAZ

– Stefan Peters – Academic Director, CAPAZ

– Zuly Johana Olaya – Coordinator, Casa de la Memoria 

The meeting was highlighted on the Universidad Nacional website in a press release. Read the full note here. 

The words of CAPAZ Academic Director Stefan Peters were highlighted in the web note. The professor emphasized the role of women in the post-conflict era:

“Women are a fundamental axis for the prevention and resolution of conflicts; they are the ones who take the initiative to provide care to other victims, and in many cases, they have been the ones who have prevented a family member or a member of their community from being attacked”. 

The words of the former truth commissioner, Lucia Gonzalez, were also highlighted in the article, as the expert clarified the effects of the armed conflict in the Pacific region:

“Memory and truth come together to build bonds of peace in Afro territories, one of the hardest hit by the conflict. Knowing their history in order to defend those who have been violated is essential is we are to avoid repeating these events of violation”.

We thank the participants of the event and our colleagues at UNAL’s Tumaco campus for making this meeting possible.


Photos: UNAL