Workshop with a victim community in Caldono, Cauca

Workshop with a victim community in Caldono, Cauca

The participants in tne workshop were members of the Pescador communitiy. Photo: Diana Quintero

The workshop called Compartiendo experiencias y sueños” (Sharing experiences and dream) and involving the local community of victims of the armed conflict was held on March 6, 2020 at Colegio Guillermo León Valencia in the Pescador de Caldono village in Cauca.

This was the first activity of the project’s fieldwork entitled “Las reparaciones con funciones emancipatorias en contextos transicionales: inclusión efectiva de las víctimas en Caldono – Cauca” (Reparations with emancipatory functions in transitional contexts: The effective inclusion of victims in Caldono – Cauca).

The project was supported by CAPAZ, after having been selected in the call to support research projects in 2019. The workshop was organised by the researchers Diana Patricia Quintero and Carol Palau from Universidad ICESI in Cali, and María Fernanda Figueroa from Universidad del Cauca.

Researcher Diana Patricia Quintero explained, “twenty victims located in the municipal capital and in rural areas shared their experiences of the armed conflict and of the process of state reparation for the damages suffered. A first outline of the types of reparation to which they aspire was outlined in dialogue with the researchers”.

Three students from the School of Law at Universidad del Cauca joined the workshop, to provide input for their human rights training process.

The activity was made possible thanks to the generous support of the school’s principal, Dr. Mariano Palacios, and the efforts of lawyer José Ramiro Sandoval. Both provided the research team with what they needed to have a productive meeting in an atmosphere that fostered mutual trust.

Project: “Reparations with emancipatory functions in transitional contexts”

CAPAZ publishes the photos with prior authorisation from the participating victims and the research group.


(Text NW: Diana Patricia Quintero, Claudia Maya. English version: Tiziana Laudato)