Uniandes note on the CAPAZ School of Online Courses

Uniandes note on the CAPAZ School of Online Courses

CAPAZ offered a course called Pedagogies and Politics of Reconciliation in its last School of Online Courses (ECV) cycle.  The course was run in alliance with Universidad de Los Andes as part of the research project Transforming social injustices and creating new social agreements: Pedagogies and politics of reconciliation, led by Fernando Serrano, a professor at the Department of Languages and Culture.

“The course’s primary objective was to discuss the various inter- and transdisciplinary approaches and debates on reconciliation in the current context of peacebuilding”, says the University in a recent report published on its website.  “To this end, it was taught by an academic faculty made up of representatives from different sectors (academia, activism, public sector, international cooperation, etc.) who have addressed the issue of reconciliation in their work”. The note also discusses the motivations for Professor Serrano’s research, the themes that prevailed in the discussions and the hypotheses that were formulated to answer questions such as: Is it possible to teach and learn reconciliation? What is the relationship between reconciliation and peace education?

Read the full report here.

Find out more about Professor Serrano’s research here.

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