CAPAZ Profiles: Jair Burgos and María Paula Rodríguez

CAPAZ tiene sede en Bogotá pero trabaja en cooperación con universidades en Colombia y Alemania.

CAPAZ Profiles: Jair Burgos and María Paula Rodríguez

Here at CAPAZ, we would like to highlight the work of the group of people who collaborate in our ongoing projects and initiatives. At the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, our CAPAZ team grew when two new collaborators joined us. They share their experience and impressions below:

Jair Burgos colabora como asistente administrativo del proyecto de CAPAZ de acompañamiento al proceso de justicia transicional y defensa de los derechos humanos en Colombia.

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Jair Burgos – Administrative Assistant

With a BA in public accounting from Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Jair began working with us in 2021 as the administrative assistant for the CAPAZ project supporting transitional justice and human rights defence in Colombia. He has extensive experience in coordinating financial and administrative training in the private sector and non-governmental entities and in the development of new training methods for people with little knowledge in the financial and tax areas. He has collaborated in projects supporting social development in Colombia and we wish him every success in this new post!


María Paula Rodríguez es la coordinadora de la escuela de cursos virtuales CAPAZ

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María Paula Rodríguez – Coordinator of the CAPAZ School of Online Courses – Escuela de Cursos Virtuales CAPAZ (ECV)

María Paula Rodríguez, with a BA in Industrial Design from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, has been coordinating the online academic offer of the free courses offered by CAPAZ and its partner universities since the second semester of 2020. Although she has previously worked in industry at the head of metal-mechanical production plants and as a participant in important international fairs on composite materials, being part of CAPAZ is a personal and professional challenge that María Paula has taken on with pleasure and excellent performance. “Although digital development is a branch of design, my field had always been focused on industry. This position at CAPAZ has led me to explore and develop activities in which I never imagined I could feel comfortable, such as setting up the entire visual and content structure for the School of Online Courses”. The CAPAZ lines and themes of work have allowed her to change her interpretation of the information that she acquires as a citizen through the mass media and, on the other hand, to realise that peace “is not the responsibility of one or the other, we are all responsible for in this respect”.

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