Restorative justice in the JEP: CAPAZ OnePager #9

Restorative justice in the JEP: CAPAZ OnePager #9

Introducing a new CAPAZ OnePager!

In this instalment of the OnePager developed as part of the Diplomacy of Education and Science project, we talk about the idea of restorative justice as understood by the JEP when it comes to contributing to comprehensive victim reparations. This OnePager is entitled “Building one’s own healing and sanctioning: initial findings and recommendations for the imposition of restorative sanctions in JEP case 005”.

While ordinary criminal law has a limited catalogue of penalties and a prison system that ensures their enforcement, the JEP’s transitional justice system faces important challenges with respect to its system of restorative sanctions.

There are many big questions about the content and the mechanisms for defining and implementing the wide variety of Tasks, Works and Activities with Reparatory and Eestorative content (TOAR), whose execution can be ordered as a consequence of the imposition of the JEP’s so-called “own sanctions” (SP).

To provide some recommendations in response to these questions, researchers Pilar Lovelle (Guernica), Juliette Vargas (University of Göttingen/CAPAZ Institute), Juliana Galindo (Guernica) and Andrea Rodríguez (Instituto de Estudios Interculturales de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Cali) have investigated the participation of victims in case 005 and their expectations of the JEP with the support of the Mesa Técnica, Institucional y Social de Diálogo (MTP).

Among their recommendations for the best possible execution of the TOAR, the authors mention the following:

  • Promote initiatives to increase the degree of participants’ contribution to the truth and encourage rapprochement between victims and perpetrators.
  • For the above, advance psychosocial, psychocultural and psycho-spiritual counselling, and educational activities with victims and their legal representatives, and with participants and their defence attorneys.

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