Research Projects


CAPAZ supports research projects that implement an interdisciplinary approach to address peacebuilding and the dynamics of a society in transition in Colombia. The projects analyse topics such as:


  • Transitional justice
  • Implementation of peace in the territories
  • Peace and conflict in educational policies
  • Psychosocial aspects of health in vulnerable populations
  • Memory construction and discourses of truth
  • Peace and social inequalities
  • The role of victims in peacebuilding
  • The protection of social leaders and human rights defenders
  • Geographical information systems for territorial reconstruction
  • Differential approaches to peacebuilding
  • Sustainable development and environmental peace


Thanks to the work with local communities, these projects have a direct impact on Colombia’s regions, especially those most affected by the armed conflict. The projects are financed directly by CAPAZ or other sources of cooperation and implemented by CAPAZ, its founding and associate members, and other institutions or organisations.

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Other Projects

Exploratory Studies


The German-Colombian Peace Institute – CAPAZ supports exploratory studies that -based within different topics and disciplines- approach peacebuilding and the establishment of a society in transition in Colombia.


Exploratory studies serve to identify future research topics to be explored by German and Colombian institutions, and to strengthen the relationships between universities and research centres of the two countries. This will allow them to formulate more structured projects to obtain resources from other research-funding sources.


CAPAZ uses its exploratory studies to promote the creation, dissemination, and exchange of academic knowledge, to open educational spaces, and develop advisory services that contribute to peacebuilding in Colombia.


The Institute opens annual calls to fund these studies, and thereby to promote the creation of research groups integrating German and Colombian researchers.


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